NVIDIA 3D VISION2 Autodesk Maya – Enabling Active Stereo

Hardware Request NVIDIA 3D VISION
NVIDIA 3D VISION Correspondence GPU
OS Request WindowsXP/Vista/7 32bit/64bit Linux
Request Nvidia Driver ver.
197.03 is not running. Minimum request ver 3xx is successful test. Successful test PC is installd 320.49.
NVIDIA 3D VISION hardware Installation NVIDIA 3D VISION
IR Emitter connected PC USB.
3D Vision glasses Charge. connected PC USB ASUS VG248QE connect to DVI-Duallink only.
NVIDIA 3D VISION software Installation
Make sure the display refresh rate is set at 100Hz or 120Hz Nvidia Dri ver is uninstall. After the PC restart.
Nvidia Driver ver 3xx clean install. After the PC restart. Nvidia control on setting 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings OpenGL stereo display method on.
・Global SettingGlobal Presets:Base Profile select, Stereo – Display Mode Generic active stereo (with NVIDIA IR Emitter),Stereo -Enable is on
Maya Stereo Scopic setting.
Add the following line to your Maya.env file: MAYA_ALLOW_STEREO_ON_VISTA=1 and then restart Maya.

Active stereo is not always enabled in Maya on Windows 7 and Vista. When this happens you’ll see that the Active entry is the Stereo menu is grayed out:
Disable Windows Aero, also known as the windows desktop manager. The easiest way to do this is choose a Vista Basic or Win 7 Basic color scheme from the desktop personalization options. There are many guides on how to do this posted on the internet, just search for “how to disable Aero


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