Viewing stereo work in Nuke:

1. Set your project settings according to your project (shortcut to get to project settings ‘S’ key).
2. In the project settings go to the tab ‘Views’.
3. In the Views tab click ‘Set up views for stereo’, and check the box that called ‘Use colours in UI’, this helps you visualize your project better in Nuke.

4. Load in your left and right image into Nuke (read file or drag and drop). It is usually a good idea to have the left image to the left in your workspace space and the right image to the right in your workspace.
5. Click ‘Tab’ and get the node called ‘JoinViews’. With this node you can connect both of your views.
6. Make sure that you are viewing the ‘JoinViews’ node
7. In the main view (displaying our output result in Nuke) right click here, and you should find a text saying Stereo modes. Here you can select different types of stereo modes. Select the one which is right for your project. If you are using 3D NVIDIA Vision glasses select the option ‘Open GL Stereo’.


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